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Denis Chicoine is the founder and chief creative collaborator of DC Design Works.


Denis has a passion for visual communication and a breadth of knowledge in business and technology, ensuring every design solution is tailored to your unique marketing needs.

Denis has been designing for print and web for over two decades. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications from the Alberta College of Art & Design, Denis returned to Saskatchewan and began his design career with Brown Communications Group, initially focusing on traditional print media for such clients as SaskTel, Cameco, Cornwall Centre and various Government of Saskatchewan ministries.

In 2004, Denis made the shift to digital and interactive design as Creative Director at Adxstudio Inc. (now KPMG Adoxio), a Regina-based web technology firm. At Adxstudio, Denis developed content-managed websites and online applications for a wide-range of clients located throughout North America.

Upon his return to Brown, Denis took the lead on interactive and digital design, building websites, mobile sites, applications and digital advertising for clients including SaskPower, DirectWest, SaskParks, and many others.

Today, Denis focuses his talents on all aspects of graphic design – producing unique print, branding and interactive solutions for clients such as The Mosaic Company, Saskatchewan Health Authority (formerly RQHR), City of Saskatoon and Luther College at the University of Regina, just to name a few.

Denis employs a research-driven, forward-looking methodology in his design approach, taking the time to learn from what other domain leaders have accomplished on similar projects while always striving to lead, not follow, and to innovate on behalf of his clients.

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